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Amanah’s main focus is to our investors by bringing them the best in class transparency, security, and liquidity. We will provide a more competitive risk adjusted returns for our investors by providing our investors with properties that are below fair market value.

Our team offers years of experience in the real estate industry. At Amanah we analyze non-performing and performing notes that will be of value by obtaining these loans below the replacement cost. Our competitive advantage is finding notes and properties that are below the replacement costs to obtain the most fundamental value for our investors.

At Amanah we focus on bringing financial freedom by bridging the opportunities for future growth in the long term with the community and people that Amanah serves.


Real Estate

Working with a multitude of professionals, we find undervalued properties of interest to help create capital appreciation. Our main focus will be on performing and non-performing mortgage notes, turnkey properties and tax delinquent properties that will provide investors meaningful risk adjusted returns.

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If interested in seeking more information or would like to become an investor please fill out the form in the contact us section or email us at Info@amanah.us

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